Design at Galloway Fine WoodworksDesign

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At Galloway Fine Woodworks, design is the process of bringing your dreams and ideas to life in a beautiful finished piece that will endure in both beauty and functionality. Whether it's building a unique piece of furniture, redesigning your kitchen cabinetry or adding built-ins to your living areas, the quality of design is of great importance. The final piece will reflect the care we take during the design process.

The design process is of equal importance as the creation stage. Working directly with our clients, we first define issues and research & understand all the constraints during the initial stages. The actual creativity and implementation of your design are the final stages. This collaboration helps our clients and our craftsmen when it comes to the piece being designed. Your input and help in the design makes it a very unique piece, enhancing your appreciation of the final piece.

In the design phase, all of the following will be determined:

The design phase gives us the opportunity to get to know you and your expectations. A successful design process results in an exceptional end result. Let's get started!

Furniture at Galloway Fine WoodworksFurniture

We stake our reputation on each and every piece of fine furniture we make. Each of our pieces are unique, signed and dated, and will become an heirloom-quality addition to your home.

Furniture at Galloway Fine Woodworks

Most of the design issues are determined in the initial design phase. During production we put our many years as apprentice and now as master furniture maker to work for you.

Each and every piece is hand made according to the design plan. The materials we use are always superior quality with craftsmanship to match.

We are skilled in the creation of chairs, end tables, dining tables, coffee tables, specialty tables, stools, high boys, china cabinets, bars, conference tables, desks, dressers, wardrobes, mirrors and bookcases.

View our Furniture Portfolio to view examples of our custom furniture work.

Our creativity is as extensive as your imagination. Our capacity to fulfill your dreams is endless. Contact us to discuss your project.

Built-ins at Galloway Fine WoodworksBuilt-ins

A widely accepted myth about designing a built-in piece of furniture is the final piece will be of lesser value or not as well made as a stand-alone unit. This couldn't be farther from the truth at Galloway Fine Woodworks.

Built-ins at Galloway Fine Woodworks

The same master craftsman techniques we utilize in fine furniture are also applied in the creation of your built-in units. The only difference is a built-in unit is attached to the wall or floor, depending on the unit's placement in your home. It will always be of the highest quality materials and as well made as a stand-alone unit.

You may wish to consider a built-in unit around your gas fireplace, or bookcases. Perhaps a display case for your collections, or wardrobes for your bedroom or linen storage needs are more your style. Whichever you prefer, your featured built-in units will be signed and dated, and of heirloom-making quality, just like our fine furniture pieces.

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Millwork at Galloway Fine WoodworksMillwork

Beautiful homes are full of beautiful details. Here, in New England, we are surrounded by many historic and antique homes that require expert wood crafting in order to maintain authenticity when refurbishment and/or restoration are needed.

Built-ins at Galloway Fine Woodworks

Galloway Fine Woodworks work seamlessly with architects and contractors who specialize in historical reproduction, repair and restoration.

Custom windows and doors especially curved or elliptical work, brackets or arbors are some of our specialties. Millwork may include moldings, mantels, casework, doors and windows. Our ability to duplicate or enhance existing design work is unsurpassed. If you require the best for your restoration project, please contact us!

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